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德国(官方称为德意志联邦共和国)是位于中欧西部的联邦议会共和国。该国由 16 个州组成,首都是柏林,同时也是最大的城市。

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University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an international approach and focus on sustainable management and sales concepts, using real-world examples from today's wine ... [+]

Our concept

Success in business is no longer just dependent on the quality of the product. Managers face numerous challenges for sustainable business management, including globalization, climate change, shifts in customer behavior, and running large companies with more complex workflows (and greater risks), to name just a few examples. To be successful domestically and abroad, managers must be able to recognize and effectively evaluate business opportunities in the marketplace and pursue them in a sustainable way. That also holds true for business in the wine industry.

Business management and sales skills

Sustainable business management and sales skills are at the center of this programme. Practical problem-solving strategies and business tools are taught using real-world examples from the wine industry.... [-]

德国 路德维希港
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